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Last weekend I went downhill skiing for the first time ever. I’m a wife and mom, and I’m over 40. It was awesome! But, the road to getting there was a little less fun. In fact, it wasn’t much fun at all. And the experience came just as my son was also starting some new things, and I was reminded how easy it is to be logical and reasonable when you’re watching a situation, and how hard logic can be in the middle of the situation.

I went skiing just because i wanted to. It sounded fun. I didn’t have to, and nobody talked me into it. Still, a few friends told me I was going to fall. I heard a couple of horror stories of crying on the slopes. And before I knew it, downhill skiing no longer sounded fun. Although I am normally somewhat confident, I started feeling insecure. I wondered if I could do this. I worried that I would look stupid. I wondered how it would go, I asked people if I had the right equipment and stressed about how I’d get my lift ticket.


And as I stomped through the door into the unknown, I suddenly realized how common this is for my kids, and probably for yours too. After all, when possible we take our kids to do things that we enjoy, commonly to places we’ve been before, and we often walk them through situations where we are already somewhat comfortable. But for them, it may be all new. Standing beside them, hearing their worries, it all seems rather silly. After all, we have a pretty good idea how it will turn out, what is expected, and what they should do. And from our perspective, most of their fears are unfounded.

Regardless of the logic of it, it’s good to be reminded that beyond logic, we are all human, and change is hard. If you haven’t done something totally new and foreign for a while, try it. If possible, go with someone who knows what they’re doing and thinks it’s all “easy”. And be reminded of the courage your kids show when you take them into similar situation.

I’m going skiing again tomorrow, simply because I can. And it turned out to be fun last time. Besides that, it’s good for me to do this. (BTW, it isn’t that I’ve never done a new thing, it’s just been a while since I chose to do one that was supposed to be “just for fun”!) Try it, you might like it!


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  1. Pearl Allard

    I may have done a little more hyperventilating than you did, but I had a very similar experience the one, and only, time I went downhill skiing! Totally identified with your post! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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