Lower back injury. Rash. Stomach issues. Overwhelming emotion. Deep fatigue. These things have gotten me thinking about living well. What does it mean to live well, and what kind of fruit does it produce?

I usually think of living well in terms of being healthy, content, and productive. I think these are all good things, and sometimes they happen, maybe even at the same time. However, often they seem elusive despite my best efforts to live better, to eat healthy, to make good choices. And it makes me wonder.

Maybe we are, in fact, made for another world. Maybe we were put together to live forever, but not in this fallen world that breaks us down and wears us out. Maybe living well is to wear out in the process. Maybe to do something that matters is costly in more ways than we want to admit.

Yet despite these realities, there is value in living well. There is value in feeding our bodies good food, our minds truth, and our spirits time to reflect. It isn’t about reaching perfection, but about being able to finish the journey well.

That’s why I love to find ways to live well in all areas of life. Join me on this quest, if you will.