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I long for community. Me and a bunch of my friends. We chat about it, dream about it, try to build it. And yet so often it eludes us.

It hasn’t always been so. I have lived in communities. Some of them were a taste of heaven and some were toxic beyond belief. And as I ponder this, I realize that among other things, community takes time and it grows so slowly we hardly see it coming. It seems to simply appear one day. Plus, community is usually clearest when we leave it behind: when we live in community we seldom notice it because our days are full. Our time is spent with good friends and navigating hard relationships and we don’t think about community. But take it away, and suddenly we have time to ponder the lack.

So, how does it happen? Honestly, I am not sure. I know it takes time, people, commitment, and common purpose. Take any of these ingredients away, and community cannot grow. Add them all together, and community seems most likely.

Today, I’ll meet another friend and discuss community, because in the discussing we are slowly laying foundations. Maybe we’ll talk about what is important and how we can invest in the important things. And when we’re done today, I’ll invite her back next week or the following one. Slowly, I think something beautiful is being born. I believe it’s called community.


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  1. Community is a tough thing to create…

    • I think markteckla hit the nail on the head– common purpose. But I think it is a journey, an investment. And worth the price we pay!

  2. markteckla

    I think if community itself is the common purpose, community fails. It becomes a project–a burden–eventually something to escape. My best experiences with community came as we labored together for a shared vision of seeing Jesus touch the lives of others. We talked very little about community and much about obeying God. In the places that talked the most about community, I experienced it the least. We discover community as we move together down the dusty and difficult road of following Jesus. Often the problem is that we aren’t moving.

  3. So true, markteckla! I guess I’ve never thought of trying to build community until this move– it’s always happened naturally based on a common goal and obeying Jesus. And I LOVE this thought. Thanks!

  4. Markteckla,
    Great thoughts, I really appreciate your point of view. Spot on.

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