Sitting in yet another coffee shop, on yet another day. My bag is full of things that need doing, but my head hurts. I may have had too much coffee. I may have been sitting here a long time. And the couple arguing beside me is as adamant as the defendants and plaintiffs on court cases flickering across the TV. So, while I meant to work, now I am just thinking.


I feel for this couple. He wants to talk, she is done talking. They brought books like they were going to study, but I think they’ve mostly eaten their delivered pizza and argued and maybe cried. Like a foggy day, it is all unclear. I remember those days… I mean, sometimes we still disagree and have our days, but things just aren’t like that anymore. It’s seldom the same dance of insecurity it was when we were young, and we are better at staying on the same side of things and shooting downs problems together than we used to be. It reminds me why I am thankful to be at this stage in life!

And I realize again how far ahead our boys are, how blessed we have been to raise them in basically healthy communities of people who care about one another. There are so many communities that are not healthy, where kids cannot learn to relate in healthy ways because the people around them do not model healthy relationships. And I am reminded once more that we inherit a legacy and pass one one, either a good one or a bad one.

And that said, I really should get back to work. It hasn’t gone anywhere while I was pondering.